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We are located at the corner of Steele Station Rd. & Highway 77 (Grand Avenue) in Rainbow City, AL. We actually bought an old Kmart, for more on that check it out here

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Sunday Morning
8:30a Awaken Service (Interim Worship Room)
  Kids Service (Mainstreet Worship)
9:30a Sunday School (Various)
11:00a Worship Service (Interim Worship Room)
  Kids Service (Mainstreet Worship)
Sunday Evenings
4:30-5:30p Awaken Rehearsal (Interim Worship Room)
5:30p Community Groups (Starting September 9th) 
Wednesday Evenings
6:00p Prayer Service (Dining Room)
  Chancel Choir Rehearsal (Interim Worship Room)
  Student Worship (Student Area)
  Kids Missions (Mainstreet Worship)



The best entrance for our families who have preschoolers & graded kids is our "Family Entrance" located on the front of the building facing Highway 77. This is where our kids' check-in station, classrooms and worship spaces are closest. 


For our Sunday morning worship services, along with our Sunday School, the "Main Entrance" will be the best for teens and their families to enter Twelfth Street.  For other activity times, outside of Sunday morning, the best entrance for our teens is on the back of the building toward the southwest corner (The building faces northeast). 

All other guests

For those coming for the first time our "Main Entrance", located on the front of the building, is the best place to start.

Coffee for Free

We offer complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate before each of our Sunday morning worship services and Sunday School hour. We have two locations for your convenience. One is near the "Main Entrance" and the other is at the Check-In Trolley located right inside the "Family Entrance". So feel free to bring your own cup and make one less stop or one less thing to do before you get to church.

What to wear

We believe that our Lord is mighty and powerful and deserves respect. All we ask is that you come with a great attitude ready to experience a great God. Come with what is comfortable for you and we look forward to worshipping with you.

Worship Style

We are called to worship God through all that we do. One of the ways we worship God is by sharing the gifts that He has given us, including our musical talent. We have a great worship band with a praise team that leads our Awaken service at 8:30am every Sunday. We also have a powerful choir that leads our 11:00am worship service with an organ and piano completing this great ensemble every Sunday.

Preaching Style

If you are looking for buzz words well then; our preaching style is expository and we hold to the truth the Word of God is inerrant and infalliable. All that really means is we believe that the Bible, God's Word, is true and without error. It also means we spend time finding out what the text means instead of bending the text to meet our needs.  If you would like to hear this in action please click here or on our Media tab at the top of the page.


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