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A Day of Cheers and Tears

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Palm Sunday
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A Day of Cheers and Tears

Luke 19:28-44

1. The Cheers of the Crowd.

            A. Past: Jesus entered Jerusalem as a humble king.

            B. Future: He will enter Jerusalem as a conquering king.

                        (1) Even if you feel insignificant, the Master can use you!

                        (2) Don’t let anyone discourage you from praising the Lord!

2. The Tears of the King.

            A. Jesus wept because of superficial belief.

            B. Jesus wept because of spiritual blindness.

                        (1) You will never know peace until you surrender to Jesus!

                        (2) Rejection of Jesus leads to terrible judgment!

                        (3) That which makes Jesus cry should also break our hearts!


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